Gourmet sailing

If you ever thought that sailing is only pure sailing with Jadranka Yachting, our team is here to prove you wrong in so many ways!

If you ever thought that sailing is only pure sailing with Jadranka Yachting, our team is here to prove you wrong in so many ways! Apart from building your team spirit while sharing the same living space with your coworkers and enjoying phenomenal Adriatic sea, we have a very special offer that is also known as gourmet sailing.

Since Croatia is worldwidely known for its outstanding domestic specialties, starting from food and wine, we are here to show you the most spectacular taverns, restaurants and other local cuisine places that will definitely remain in your memory forever. After a long day of enjoying Adriatic sea and sunny weather, you will surely have a need to enjoy some great meals and a glass of great wine, so come with us and enjoy this very special offer! Here's what's so special in Croatian cuisine and why Croatia is wordwidely known as culinary paradise for tourists who are thriving to try something new and unique!

The fact that Croatia is very popular because of the diversity of various cuisines like Istrian, Slavonian or Dalmatian acutally points out how interesting it would be for you to visit some of the most vivid and creative restaurant on your trip along the Adriatic coast. Dalmatian and Istrian cuisine is mostly based on fish specialties and seafood in the most original ways you could only dream of. Imagine tasting octopus combined with finest vegetables and all sorts of special spices specific for this area like rosemary or tasting shrimps on buzara, a special Croatian method for cooking with garlic, white wine and other magical ingredients.

Another very unique specialty of Dalmatian and Istrian cuisine is called pršut (prosciutto). This unbelievably tasty specialty is actually made from fresh pork ham with bone. The process of maturation of the meat is pretty long and it requires treatment with sea salt as the only additive in the recipe and wind and smoking treatment for more than a year. Dalmatian and Istrian prosciutto are recognized as cultural good and protected in EU. Wait until you try those specialties!

Apart from phenomenal Istrian and Dalmatian prosciutto, there are also countless specialties you need to know of and that you can find many famous restaurants on Adriatic coast. Brodetto, black risotto, truffles, Istrian fuzi, fritule and Pag cheese are just some of the local cuisine specialties that Croatia is famous for and that actually attract thousand of tourists who come to Croatia.

The true form of recognition of Croatian cuisine came to many restaurant who were granted a Michelin Star, a hallmark of fine dining quality restaurants that are given to several Croatian restaurants for their outstanding quality of dishes and promotion of the uniqueness of Croatian cuisine. Some of the most recent restaurants that were granted a Michelin star and that we would like to recommend to you are Draga di Lovrana (Lovran), Monte (Rovinj) and Pelegrini (Šibenik).

So it's just simple maths to us – if you add unbelievable Michelin starred restaurants with amazingly good food to sailing with Jadranka Yachting, you get an unforgettable time of your life and a strong will to come back again next year with even more enthusiasm for finding new great places for having a good time in Croatia. And believe us, there isn't a better way but to do it with Jadranka Yachting!

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