Marina Tehnomont Veruda, Pula

Marina Tehnomont Veruda, Pula

Marina Veruda, Pula is a true oasis protected from all winds and waves located on an ideal spot in a bay Veruda. Because of its perfect location, this marina is very attractive to many boaters who are looking for safe...

Our another charter base is in marina Veruda placed in Veruda channel in the south part of Pula. Going back in time, this tranquil, small port surrounded by Mediterranean greenery was one of Romans’ main ports in the northern Adriatic. So still today this port remains a safe and modern nautical shelter. With 19 piers and 630 berths, this marina provides enough space for all the sailors who decide to dock there and to visit the ancient city of Pula.

As the old city centre of Pula is quite close to the marina, you will quickly arrive at your destination which offers numerous sightseeing spots. The inevitable monument that will immediately grab your attention and which is the starting and ending point of every sightseeing tour in Pula is Arena Amphitheater. For all the history lovers, this monument will make you believe for a moment that you are a citizen in old Roman days. This location once served as a site of gladiator fights and it was built in the 1st century AD at the same time as the magnificent Colosseum in Rome.

Taking a stroll along the old centre streets, you will come across another eye-catching monument – Golden Gate, Triumphal Arch of the Sergi. This Corinthial style arch was built in honour of three members of the Sergi family, eminent persons in the period of 29 to 27 BC.

Another monument you shouldn’t miss is a 2000-year-old Temple of Augustus dedicated to goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus. Located in Forum, this temple is a mere representative of changing times and periods as its functions changed from being church, granary, and at the beginning of the 19th century a museum for stone monuments.

When you sail out from our marina Veruda, you definitely shouldn’t miss the most attractive sailing destination in Croatia – The Brijuni Islands. This archipelago that consists of Mali, Veliki Brijuni and 12 smaller islands was proclaimed a national park in 1993 as a group of islands together with surrounding waters. Brijuni are well known for their mild Mediterranean climate which is ideal for a pleasant stay there. This area is a perfect place for a sailing vacation. So, don’t miss the chance to test your sailing skills ‘slaloming’ through that magnificent island landscape.

Another sailing paradise in Pula’s surrounding is located on the southernmost part of Istria. Peninsula Kamenjak is a famous treasury of biological differences. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and pleasant climate, this area is great for the stay during the whole year. What makes Kamenjak even more special are dinosaurs’ fossils you can find along the Kamenjak coast.

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