Team building

Sailing Adventure for Managers is intended for strengthening the team spirit within work groups, project teams, managements, business partners etc.

Upgrading your team spirit

When you are a part of a particular company, whether it is management company or some other, it is crucial for all the workers to meet each other, relax from hard working on various projects and all the stress surrounding them on a daily basis. The best way to do it is to enjoy beautiful Adriatic sea, sunny weather and great program we offer for our teams on yachts. It is very important to emphasize that this kind of group activities will increase productivity, but also bond all the employees in so many positive ways.

This team building offer can include many important things like your own skipper during your adventure, several dinners in traditional Dalmatian restaurants with domestic dishes and even few interesting trips to National Parks Kornati and Krka or to Nature Park Telascica.

You will definitely strengthen your team spirit by experiencing the life on a boat with a bit different circumstances from the land life. Every single day will be a chance to meet your co-workers and build your team spirit in the best possible way. And is there a better way to do such an Adriatic sea, phenomenal nature, sunny weather and unbelievably good food? We are hundred percent sure you won't regret!

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