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We have prepared answers to the most frequent questions, which might be useful. Right before you leave the port, ask for the last advice and weather conditions in our base. Those of you, who are...

Things to do before your sailing trip begins

Check you travel documentation:

-Expiration dates on your passport and ID card
-Skippers check your skipper's license and VHF certficicate needed to navigate desired vessel, if not sure whether the license is suffice for navigation do not hesitate to send a scan of it/them to us and we will double check it for you
-Check boarding pass we've sent you 10 days prior you check in
-Your credit card daily limit. You'll most likely use it to leave security deposit before boat's handover process begins. It is only a pre-authorisation, the reservation of funds and they won't be claimed if no damage on the vessel during your reservation period occurs

Things to bring along on your sailing trip

Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, waterproof bag/pouch for mobile phones and cameras, shoes that won't slip, sailing jacket for off season or lighter wind proof jacket for high season sailing, soft bags and enough clothes to avoid search for laundries along our beautiful islands, travel light

Things not to bring along on your sailing trip

12V charger, since each boat in our fleet has inverter onto 220V equipped for charging mobile phones, tablets or laptops when the boats isn't connected to shore power. Bed linen and hard bags (they most likely won't feet into cabin locker), high heels (sorry ladies) nor fancy clothes, at least not for the sailing part you won't need them

Checking in and checking out procedure

Usual check in process start at 17:00 hours in high season. In case you arrive to our base sooner you are welcome to finish administration needed for boat's handover at our front office after 12 o'clock and we will advise you about aproximate time chosen boat will be ready to set the sails alowing you to leave your luggage at our base meanwhile. Among many of our additional services and equipment you may pick there is an earlier boarding as well. It allows you to start your sailing trip at 14:00 on the check in day (many times even sooner) at the 150€ surcharge. The number of possible early checking ins in high season is limited due to cleaning department man power limits, so don't miss it. Plan B is to go for the site seeing in the beautiful towns nearby our bases or go and get the provisioning you'd need to make your sailing adventure goes smothly.

What if I arrive later than planned?

No woories! On the boarding pass you'll receive up to 10 days prior your charter begins there are contacts of our base managers, representatives and booking office. Easiest way is to give a ring to our base managers and they'll walk you through the routine and explain you how to enter the boat (usually it involves a key) and the check in procedure followed by boat's handover and the moment: „Captain, the boat is yours!“, will be delayed until you wake up the next morning.

What if I have to leave earlier than planned?

Please let us know in case it happens and we will organise our diver, base manager and transfer (if needed) in shortest notice possible

What are the most common issues I might experience during my sailing trip?

Apart of too bad weather which we cannot affect (luckily) two most common problems that might occur during your sailing trip are broken windows and jammed toilets. Windows on the sailing boats aren't as thick as they seem and they can brake in case someone steps on them or even more likely in case they remain opened while sailing. In order to avoid getting toilets blocked easiest way is not dropping anything in them especially no diapers nor cosmetic tissues. Our recommendation is usage of disposal bag and taking in out on shore once you reach your safe harbour

How to charter a boat?

Your decision about chartering a boat must start with answer to the question: what are your practical nautical skills. When you pass the exams you learn only theory, but you get experiences on organized courses. If you have any doubts, please charter a boat with a skipper, who will teach you practical skills and take care of safe and pleasant sailing.

Please, choose the length and type of sailing-boat according to the number of the crew members, route of sailing and abilities of the team. If you want your vacations to be comfortable and pleasant, do not fill the boat with too many people and things, you rather charter one more boat.

WARNING! Choosing a boat basing on attractive price is not always the best solution!

Every good provider has to involve you with the characteristic of the specific boat. So, please check with the provider all equipments on board!

When you take-over the boat, you can help with the check-list, the list of equipment on the boat. Check it very carefully together with provider, because if something is missing when you return the boat, the expenses are paid from the caution money.

When to sail?

A table of seasons, prices and average weather conditions:

  Season Prices Weather
January - - -
February - - -
March - - -
April Low Low Medium warm
May Medium Medium Medium warm
June Medium Medium Warm
July High High Warm
August High High Hot
September Medium Medium Medium warm
October Low Low Medium warm
November - - -
December - - -


If you will arrive in Lošinj with ship or plane, it will be better if you will have on board all food and drink you need. We can give you all our support. Through our trading company Jadranka trgovina,d.o.o., we can take care about provision. Please contact us in time, that we can adjust your needs and our possibilities. Otherwise you are invited in one of Jadranka`s retail sails in Mali Lošinj.

More about Jadranka trgovina,d.o.o. and Jadranka`s retail sales


All of our boats have full insurance and in case of any damage, the highest price to pay is demanded amount of the caution money (depends on the type of boat). Each participant sails on its own responsibility. We recommend you that before you leave you take care of:

  • medical insurance for Croatia
  • insurance for foreign countries with assistance
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